Angell will be collaborating with Mini to design a new e-bike

French brand Angell partners with Mini to deliver its e-bike project 

The French electric bike brand Angell has announced a new partnership with car manufacturer Mini to deliver its e-bike project.

Angell, based in Paris, currently develops its own-brand e-bikes, but is now partnering with UK-based and German-owned brand Mini to help design and commercialise Mini’s e-bike. 

Marc Simoncini, founder and majority shareholder of Angell, said: “2023 is a rich year for Angell Mobility and we are extremely proud to have  been selected by the BMW group for its MINI electric bike project. This sign of  confidence from a major and modern player in the industry is for us a strong signal  of encouragement and a form of recognition that obliges us to our new partner, of  course, but also to our customers and the Angell community.”

Angel was launched in 2018 by Simoncini, and currently sells two models of smart e-bikes – the Rapide and the Cruiser. 

The brand say the majority of the micromobility sector is made up of two types of business, direct-to-consumer based on a universal bike or traditional brands that cover all categories, from mountain bikes and road to urban commuters.

Angell now plans to position itself somewhere between these two types of business.

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John Mollanger, CEO of Angell, said: “We have taken advantage of the last few months to develop a strategy based  on three key areas: a more complete distribution network, which now includes a  network of independent and multi-brand retailers alongside our digital channel, as  well as a range of products and services that will be developed at a faster pace than  before to meet increasingly specific and evolving needs and uses. Finally, we firmly  believe that future mobility will be multimodal. In this respect, the partnership with the BMW Group, which is as committed as we are to improving the carbon footprint,  is an honour and a catalyst.”

Angell said its ambition is to release a new product every six months (compared to 18  months in the past) and to offer a broad range of products by 2025 to  reach as many people as possible.  

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