Dott refurbishes 10,000 e-scooters, also publishes latest sustainability report

Dott, the micromobility operator, has announced the complete refurbishment of 10,000 of its shared e-scooters.

The achievement will double the expected lifespan of those vehicles to seven years, cutting carbon emissions per kilometre by nearly 50%.

The milestone coincides with the publication of Dott’s latest sustainability report, covering 2022 initiatives.

Dott continued to drive down its CO2 emissions in 2022, reaching a total 63% reduction in CO2 emissions per kilometre since 2020.

The refurbishment project removes the need to purchase new vehicles, which has the biggest impact on Dott’s overall carbon footprint.

Taking place in Lyon, France and Warsaw, Poland, the scooters are completely dismantled by a dedicated team of specialists, sorted into parts for either recycling, repairing or reusing and then fully renovated and painted.

The 10,000 refurbished e-scooters are now supporting trips in Dott cities across Europe.

Before and after refurbishment

Dott also advanced its recycling rate across its operations throughout 2022, sending 90% of all waste to be recycled, compared to 80% in 2021.

The figure meets Dott’s 2025 target ahead of time, leading to a renewed target of 95% of all waste being recycled in 2023.

The launch of Dott’s ‘Ride Your Future’ programme in 2022 provides training to operations and ground teams across software tools, communication, management and organisation skills.

Classes take place during paid, working hours, and in 2022 a total of 40 people have been able to develop new skills to further their careers.

Dott’s most mature cities now operate under 30 g CO2 per km, a figure which is equivalent to public transport, and close to reaching an overall target of 20 grams of CO2 per km ridden by 2025.

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Maxim Romain, co-founder and COO at Dott, said: “In 2022 we progressed towards mass adoption of our service, doubling the number of rides whilst continuing to drive down our carbon emissions.

“We have demonstrated our commitment to sustainability with a major refurbishment programme, fully rebuilding 10,000 e-scooters so far to double their lifespan, eliminating the need to manufacture more vehicles.

“By focusing on responsible operations we aim to keep generating a positive impact for our teams and the people living in the cities where we operate.”

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