CONEBI General Assembly renames E-Bike Working Group in honour of Siegfried Neuberger

The CONEBI General Assembly has renamed the CONEBI E-Bike Working Group in honour of Siegfried Neuberger.

The last CONEBI General Assembly took place on 20th November via video call. The CONEBI board of directors, secretariat and national members remembered Neuberger, previous managing director of ZIV and member of CONEBI, who passed away earlier this year.

In order to commemorate his contribution to the bike industry at both European and international level, the General Assembly unanimously decided to rename the CONEBI E-Bike Working Group the Neuberger E-Bike Working Group.

“I will miss Siegfried Neuberger very much but his name will last in the history of CONEBI,” said the CONEBI president. “The CONEBI E-Bike Working Group is a fantastic group of international experts, and Siegfried Neuberger was one of its symbols.”

Chairman of the European Standardization Committee CEN and leading member of the CONEBI E-Bike Working Group, he contributed with CONEBI in the exclusion of EPACs from the scope of the EU Type Approval legislation and with the CEN colleagues in the development of EPAC standard EN15194.

“It is invaluable what he did for the bicycle and e-bike industry,” said Manuel Marsilio, CONEBI general manager. “It has been an honour to learn from him and work with him closely. I am so happy that our E-Bike Working Group will have Siegfried’s name.”

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