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The role of 5G in the e-mobility revolution

As COVID-19 disrupts the way we travel in the short-term, rental e-scooters are emerging as a new option after UK trials began on 4th July. It is anticipated that more than 50 local authorities across the country will begin operating scooter trials in partnership with scooter rental companies who have …

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The rise of micromobility on-demand

Global Market Insights outlines how the bike-sharing sector will witness significant developments over the next few years… Over the years, the bike-sharing market has gained remarkable momentum due to the initiatives undertaken by Governments to reduce the levels of carbon emission. According to 2018 data, emissions from the transport sector …

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E-scooters and the cycling industry: The ACT

E-scooters have evolved to become one of the key cycling industry talking points in recent years. Four industry stalwarts give their take on e-scooters’ impact on the cycling industry and the micromobility market as a whole. Today, we hear from the ACT. Despite the first e-cooter being introduced over a …

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E-bikes: The only credible long-term alternative

Gocycle founder Richard Thorpe reflects on missed opportunities, long-term investments and incentivisation in an ever-growing sector First, a disclaimer: I founded our company in 2002 and we make electric bikes. My point of view will, therefore, have biases; however, I like all bicycles and have owned, commuted on, and ridden …

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