Product partner: Introducing e-bike manufacturer EBFEC

Nico Law introduces Polish e-bike manufacturer EBFEC as it seeks new distribution deals

An electric bike for every customer’. This is how Nico Law, EBFEC’s general manager, defined his brand in a brief and powerful statement. “We want to make e-bikes that everyone can afford, ride and enjoy,” said Law.

“There is a stereotype that e-bikes belong only to a particular group of people, and that they are highly priced. We don’t think that has to be the case, and we want to break the mould. That’s why EBFEC was founded.”

He added: “Being affordable doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. We absolutely comply with European and British standards in e-bike safety and provide obligatory support. You have to be careful; many cheap bikes sold on e-commerce are dangerous.” When asked about the price, Law is confident. “Our prices are very competitive. Let’s call them a killer,” he said.

The most bicycle-like e-bike
The first impression of EBFEC’s e-bike range is their seamless design. The frame is slim and straightforward, and the internal cable routing is clean and tidy. Only a small black charging port on the down tube and the control panel on the handlebar can perhaps remind you that it is actually an e-bike. Lithium batteries are subtly integrated into the tubes, not only to beautify the look, but also to offer more protection, which, according to Law, is proprietary technology of EBFEC.

“There is always risk associated with add-on battery packs, especially in the event of a crash, or if water is involved,” said Law. “Our battery is reinforced and contained by the frame tubes, providing more safety.”

The battery cells, which went through all safety certifications, were supplied by LG and Panasonic. “We have received many visitors to the factory, and they often ask me the same question following a guided tour: ‘Where are your e-bikes, exactly?’ So many visitors tend to think of bulky shapes for e-bikes – our engineering breakthrough is just so amazing.”

Built in Poland with care
EBFEC bikes have been put on the market throughout multiple European countries, including Poland and Spain. The production base of EBFEC is located in the west suburb of Polish city Wrocław. The facility covers an area of ​​about 10,000 square metres, with two professional e-bike production lines. “Our annual output is more than 200,000 units,” explained Law.

“We have become a big player in Europe. The factory has met European standards of environment and safety, and visits are welcomed. We put in a lot of effort. The investment was made in the third quarter of 2020, when the pandemic was unfortunately at the peak and lockdown was in place. Three expatriate colleagues and I were on our own to arrange everything from scratch. Really, we only had an empty workshop in the beginning. Machinery, materials, workforce, logistics and so on had to be sought out in an extremely difficult time. Thanks to everyone, we made it happen and I am proud of such an achievement.”

Good lead time and stock
The global shortage of bike parts has had a severe impact on the supply chain. Law said: “We have confidence in our supply chain management. We can take good care of lead time and stock. It’s at the top of our priority list.”

Asked about the UK market, Law added: “The UK has left the European Union, but thanks to the new trade deal, British buyers don’t have to pay tariffs on our e-bikes.

“We prepared four different models in the first batch to accommodate different application scenarios of British riders. The help of local distributors, resellers and retailers are indispensable in bringing EBFEC to every customer.”

EBFEC is actively recruiting distributors. Enquiries can be sent directly to Nico Law at or via +48 512 337 221.

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