Bird releases new data highlighting positive environmental and economic impact worldwide

Bird has released an end of year recap of new company data that highlights the positive environmental and economic impact that the operator is having worldwide.

The data shows that Bird riders saved an estimated 1,125,000 gallons of gas in 2021, which equates to as much as 10,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide prevented from entering the atmosphere, calculated with reference to guidance from the EPA.

In addition to their impact on the environment, Bird micro-electric vehicles had an economic role to play in 2021 as well as cities all over the world attempted to reopen and adjust to a COVID-world.

Conservative estimates show that Bird scooters added more than $100 million in incremental spending, predominantly across local food and beverage companies, across its partner cities in 2021.

“All the data points to the same conclusion: e-scooters drive consumer spending and likely provide a significant financial boon to local economies,” said assistant professor of marketing Daniel McCarthy, who co-authored the study along with Emory University PhD student Kyeongbin Kim.

“Obviously, cities have many factors to consider when choosing to partner with Bird or others in the micromobility industry, but the economic benefit to local businesses should not be understated.”

Last month, Bird released the latest version of its e-scooter, claiming it is the ‘world’s most eco-friendly’ machine. The Bird Three has been designed after four years of testing, via shared scooter schemes in cities around the world, and features a number of updates designed to reduce the environmental impact.

It now has added battery capacity, as Bird said smaller batteries require more frequent charging and therefore fewer trips per charge, increasing the greenhouse gas emissions. The new Bird also comes with real-time diagnostic monitoring, which optimises battery use to prolong battery life.

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Bird has been used in 200 cities around the world, and the new Bird Three has been released in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the USA.

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