HumanForest has launched a new incentive scheme

HumanForest offers fresh incentives to shared e-bike users in London 

Shared mobility company HumanForest has launched a new incentive scheme for London’s e-bike riders. 

The London-based shared e-bike provider has launched its own currency, ‘TreeCoin’, which users can earn by riding HumanForest machines in the capital.

TreeCoins can then be exchanged for free riding minutes, as the company aims to reward its users for choosing sustainable transport. 

Co-founder and head of marketing at HumanForest, Michael Stewart, said: TreeCoins are not just a reward for HumanForest users, they are a form of education. We want every Londoner to know the positive impact they can have on our city.’”

HumanForest, which launched its fleet of e-bikes in London in September, utilises a unique business model, offering riders 10 minutes of free usage per day followed by rates of 15p per minute thanks to advertising revenue, with riders shown adverts through the app before and after their journey. 

Through its new reward scheme, HumanForest users can earn one TreeCoin for every five miles ridden, with each TreeCoin equating to one free minute of riding. Riding one mile on a HumanForest e-bike prevents the same amount of CO2 being released into the atmosphere as one tree captures in a day, hence the name of the currency. 

The idea was formulated with the help of gamification software provider StriveCloud.

Co-founder of StriveCloud, Freek Borghgraef said: “I love how this collaboration helps HumanForest users see their actual positive impact on the environment by using the app.” 

HumanForest currently has a fleet of 800 fully electric bikes in the capital, and serves a community of 35,000 users. 

Earlier this month, the company launched a new sustainable local delivery service for businesses in London.  

The London-based micromobility firm has opened a new last-mile delivery scheme that lets businesses make use of its fleet of shared electric bikes for quick deliveries around the capital. 

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HumanForest’s green e-bike platform now lets businesses purchase bundles of riding minutes to be used for deliveries, with the potential to benefit restaurants, retailers, and food stores that need to ship products short distances through London.

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