Bike share operator Beryl celebrates one year since scheme’s launch in Watford

Bike share operator Beryl, Watford Borough Council and scheme sponsor Camelot are celebrating over 90,000 journeys taken and 359,000 kilometres covered throughout the town, one year on from the scheme’s launch.

The 90,000 trips taken by Beryl bikes within the one year anniversary is equivalent to over 59,200 kilograms of CO2 saved.

“A year on from our scheme’s launch in Watford, the popularity of Beryl bikes is greater than we could have imagined,” said Beryl CEO Phillip Ellis. “While the reduced traffic on roads and the desire to get out and about outside of lockdowns has made cycling more appealing to residents, our scheme’s affordability and reliability has helped get more people on bikes, more often.

“With 78% of residents living just five minutes from a Beryl bay, our bikes can be used for full journeys or as last-mile journey options for those using public transport. Additional bays being installed across the town in March, with one at Watford Junction, will continue to make our scheme more convenient as lockdown restrictions lift.

“It’s proven that cyclists visit local shops more regularly, and spend more than users of most other modes of transport; so I’m confident that Beryl will play a vital role in the rejuvenation of Watford’s local shops in 2021.”

Elected Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor added: “When I was elected, one of my key promises was to deliver on ways to provide transport options to Watford that would help make our air cleaner and reduce congestion, including a pledge to introduce a bike-share scheme for the town.

“I’m delighted that our partnership with Beryl has achieved such outstanding figures in its first year and its scheme is quickly becoming an everyday transport option for thousands of residents.

“Cycling is a sustainable, affordable and healthy form of travel. Together we can reduce the levels of congestion on our roads and make our air cleaner as we choose to cycle and walk more often.”

Heatmap of journeys taken by Beryl bikes throughout Watford

Maria Manion, chief executive of Watford Bid, said: “The Beryl bikes have been a real asset to the town, and have encouraged people to move more freely and friends to meet up. It is great to hear people in the town telling each other about the benefits of the bikes and how easy they are to use, and the ease which you can get around Watford.

“We are sure that once we come out of the COVID restrictions our town centre businesses will really benefit from the addition of the Beryl bikes to the town, as we see people becoming more comfortable coming into town in a safe and sustainable way.”

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