Zego partners with Ginger to insure e-scooter trials

Zego has partnered with e-scooter company Ginger to provide insurance for the UK’s first-ever e-scooter trial.

Ginger has deployed 300 scooters as part of the trial. Zego’s policy covers all units and is fully integrated into Ginger’s sign-up process to ensure that users have the government’s required third-party liability insurance. Zego also supplies additional personal accident cover which automatically switches on and off as the rider uses the vehicle.

Ginger said it is absorbing the price of the insurance so that no extra cost is passed onto its riders.

Zego’s bespoke model helps Ginger to fulfil its requirements from an insurance and safety point of view, while equipping the company with real-time data analysis, enabling it to better understand the behaviour of its riders and take informed decisions around safety to reduce the risks of accidents. Zego will ensure that its experience as the first official UK e-scooter insurer contributes to future policy decisions surrounding the widescale introduction of the vehicles.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Ginger and playing an important part in the UK’s first e-scooter trial. These schemes offer huge potential and will play a key role in helping cities get moving again in a safe and sustainable way,” said Sten Saar, CEO and co-founder of Zego.

“We want to support the growth of this industry across the UK by creating adaptable insurance models to suit the needs of e-scooter fleets, riders and local cities. For this form of transport to be widely adopted and welcomed by all, it’s essential that e-scooters come with the right insurance without causing inconvenience for riders.”

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