Voi shortlisted for two urban transport awards recognising congestion reduction and clean air projects

Shared e-scooter company Voi is in the running for two national awards – for reducing congestion and cleaning up the air in UK towns and cities.

The company, which operates e-scooters around the UK and is about to start serving London from late September, has made the shortlist of the CiTTi Awards in the Clean Air Projects and Congestion Reduction categories.

Organised by CiTTi Magazine, the urban transport and traffic publication, the CiTTi Awards recognise and celebrate the hard work and innovation demonstrated by public- and private-sector organisations in enabling the clean, safe and efficient movement of people, goods and materials through urban environments in the UK.

Voi is shortlisted in the ‘Clean Air Projects’ award for its work with the Energy Institute at University College London (UCL) to carry out a first-of-its-kind study estimating the emissions of e-scooters.

The study concluded that overall the e-scooters in the sample studied reduced emissions by up to 45%.

Voi’s own statistics show that since their introduction into the UK three years ago, e-scooters and e-bikes have clocked up over 41 million miles, replacing over 9.8 million car journeys, reducing carbon emissions by 3,800 tonnes CO2e and reducing PM2.5 particulate air pollution by 862 kg.

The company is also shortlisted in the ‘Congestion Reduction’ award, also for its UCL study which found that e-scooters replaced over 29,800 miles of motorised transport journeys and “drastically cut commuting times”, especially during peak hours, helping to save users a total of 4,000 hours during the course of the study, equivalent to a 47% reduction in median travel time per trip.

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Jack Samler, Voi general manager UK, Ireland and France, said, “We are thrilled that our pioneering service has been shortlisted in these prestigious awards. It’s great for the huge potential of shared e-scooter services to solve the challenges of urban mobility to be recognised in this way.

“Reducing car dependency and decarbonising urban transport is seen as a vital step in achieving the UK government’s goal of achieving net zero and improving the well-being and efficiency of cities.

“With no emissions, every single e-scooter trip that replaces a car journey is helping to improve the air quality in UK towns and cities and transform them into cleaner and healthier places to live, work and visit.”

The winners will be announced on Tuesday, November 21.

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