VAAST Bikes unveils new E/1 e-bike

VAAST Bikes has revealed the latest addition to its bike range, the E/1.

The E/1 takes VAAST Bikes in a ‘brand new direction’. “Built to empower practical, sustainable and fun living, the E/1 is the multi-purpose urban adventure e-bike,” said a statement. “Whether carrying cargo or riding solo, the latest bike to VAAST’s collection is designed to deliver the best riding experience.”

The bike features the NAIL’D REACT suspension system to separate pedalling from suspension movement. According to VAAST, this translates to smooth and comfortable riding, regardless of weighty cargo. The ‘ground tracing technology’ ensures comfort, as well as practicality, cushioning uneven surfaces, with testing presenting a 20% reduction in vibration versus other suspension systems.

VAAST has partnered with Bosch eBike Systems to power the E/1. Providing assistance to all forms of riding, the frame is integrated with Bosch 4 Performance CX Drive for ‘smooth, reliable’ power, enabling speeds of up to 25kph. The handlebar is mounted with the latest Bosch Kiox Stem-Mounted controller display, with a screen and Bluetooth connectivity.

The E/1 also features components from Bosch, Rohloff, Shimano and enviolo. The 27.5in wheels with large volume Schwalbe tyres provide secure traction, with four-piston Shimano disc brakes for added security. Super-Nova LED lights, kickstand and mudguards create a strategically optimised and practical package for all types of journeys, said VAAST. With the E/1, there’s a choice of three drivetrain options, two with the low maintenance Gates Drive Belt.

Morten Kristiansen, general manager of speciality retails at United Wheels, said: “We are delighted to release the VAAST E/1 to the e-bike market. It is not just another e-bike. The E/1 has taken two-wheeled e-transportation to the fullest.

“It has allowed us to really define the importance of comfort and convenience when cycling, without losing aesthetics and design. Attention to detail has really been paid in technical design of the frame and its components, there is something special to the ride and feel. It truly is the one…”

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