Unagi rolls out e-scooter subscriptions in New York, LA

Unagi has launched e-scooter subscriptions – initially throughout New York and Los Angeles – as it looks to give users the freedom to “navigate streets on their own terms”.

Unagi All-Access is available for $39 (£30) per month including maintenance and insurance for theft and damage.

“This model is well-suited to today’s world: as cities re-open, people are rethinking how they get to the supermarket, the post office and the park,” read an Unagi statement. “Data shows COVID-wary consumers are afraid of shared transportation, whether it’s the subway, an Uber or a shared scooter. They’re looking for safer alternatives.

“We’re introducing our service in the midst of a massive shift in urban transportation. Cities around the world are building for a future that’s more about people and less about cars. And in record numbers, people are embracing personal transportation –both electric and people-powered– to safely navigate city streets.”

Once subscribed to the service, a fully-assembled Model One scooter will be delivered within 24 hours, Unagi said. “You can ride it to your heart’s content as long as you’re subscribed. You’ll never need to wonder if your Unagi is clean, fully charged, or if the last rider was in good health.”

Similarly, if users run into any maintenance trouble, the scooter will be replaced within 24 hours. Unagi plans to roll out All-Access in additional markets as it gathers customer feedback and refines the service.


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