Twice as many people support use of e-scooters than oppose them, new poll finds

Just under half of people (48%) support the use of e-scooters, compared to 24% of those who don’t, a survey commissioned by Voi from has found.

Of those in favour of the continued e-scooter roll-out, more than half believe that if we’re to lower the levels of pollution across the country and decrease congestion in our local towns and cities, e-scooters, bikes and pedestrians should be given priority over cars.

Almost a quarter of respondents said that e-scooters have now replaced their reliance on ride-hailing and cars.’s survey also found that almost a third (31%) of commuters are using e-scooters as part of their existing public transport journey and almost a fifth (17%) use e-scooters to travel to and from work directly.

The data shows the extent that right across the country e-scooters are increasingly integrated in journeys, whether for fun, to run errands, to connect to public transport or to carry people to work. E-scooter trials are closely regulated by the DfT and Voi works closely with local authorities and the police to make sure that the rules are followed and enforced.

Jack Samler, general manager at Voi Technology UK and Ireland, said: “It is an exciting time for urban transportation and we are thrilled that so many people understand the benefits of e-scooters and are embracing this form of micromobility to travel in a fun, convenient and environmentally-friendly way.

“We are now operating in 18 locations across the UK and seeing more and more people choosing to use e-scooters as one of a range of transport choices that mean they can leave cars behind.”’s survey of over 2,400 people was carried out from 20th-21st May across England and Wales.

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