Tern upgrades Vektron e-bike line-up, including more powerful Bosch motor

Tern has upgraded its Vektron folding e-bike line-up.

The changes include more powerful Bosch drivetrains and updates to the frame, components, and colour options, while maintaining similar price points.

“We’re constantly listening to our dealers and riders and we’re committed to making changes based on that feedback,” stated Tern team captain Josh Hon. “Those who live in hillier areas have asked for a Vektron with a more powerful motor to tackle even the steepest hills. The new Vektron retains its super compact size and superior riding characteristics, but adds the improvements that everybody wants.”

The new line-up includes the Vektron S10, now with a Bosch Performance Line motor that provides support with up to 65 Nm of torque, and improved pedal assistance of up to 300%, said Tern. The Vektron Q9 and P7i have been upgraded as well and now feature a Bosch Active Line Plus motor.

The Vektron frame has passed strict European safety standards for pedal-assist e-bikes, having been certified as EN15194-compliant by EFBE Prüftechnik GmbH.

It has a maximum gross vehicle weight of 120kg and the special frame-mounted rear rack carries up to 28kg, and also allows the bike to stand firmly in a vertical position when folded.

The line-up includes the Vektron Q9 (starting from €3,099), the Vektron P7i (€3,299) and the Vektron S10 (€3,599). However, in some European countries, different recommended retail prices are applied if distributors have decided to use different specifications (especially for the battery).

“A big upgrade to motor, frame, and components normally translates into higher prices,” continued Hon. “But we’re getting some economies of scale and
we’re happy to pass these along to our customers.”

Shipping to the EU and other European markets starts in Q4 2020.

For more information, visit www.ternbicycles.com/vektron.

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