Tern reveals latest GSD e-cargo model

Tern has launched the latest iteration of its GSD e-cargo bike.

The new model is said to be capable of carrying two children and an adult passenger, plus groceries, and is the same length as a regular bike. The GSD fits riders between 4ft 11in and 6ft 5in with the implementation of a quick, tool-free adjuster.

“The original GSD was a complete rethink of how an e-bike could be optimised for urban usage,” stated Joshua Hon, Tern team captain. “We think we did a pretty good job, but that was only version 1.0. Now that we’ve had tens of thousands of kilometres under the collective belt of the development team, and two years worth of rider feedback, we’ve been able to create a new GSD that does a lot of things even better.”

The new GSD, Tern said, has a new frame with larger and internally-reinforced tubes, as well as optimised truss work for more stiffness. The bike is also fitted with the patented Atlas lock stand – it has an auto-lock feature when engaged and a remote unlock lever on the handlebars.

Tern has also partnered with EFBE Prüftechnik to test the GSD using the EFBE Tri-Test, which is based on the recently-announced German cargo bike standard. The GSD has passed the Tri-Test up to the claimed load limit of 200kg.

The new GSD lineup includes three models, the GSD S10 starting at €4,499/$4,599, GSD S00 starting at €5,499/$5,599, and GSD R14 starting at €8,299/$8,399. Bikes will start arriving in stores in Q4 2020.

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