‘Talking e-scooters’ to arrive in UK as Neuron Mobility expands

Neuron Mobility plans to expand into the UK after finding success in Australia and New Zealand.

The Singaporean brand, known for what it calls the first ‘talking’ e-scooter, is being backed by investments of over £16 million as it looks to further its reach.

CEO Zachary Wang said: ”We regard cities as our most important customers. We’re focused on building close relationships with councils, listening to their requirements and shifting to suit them. We have a fast innovation cycle, so we can create bespoke solutions to suit each city.

“We strive to be the most flexible partner and as a result, we are constantly innovating our e-scooters and the way we operate them. Innovation and safety are at the heart of what we do, so we are constantly looking at new features to improve safety and also user experience.“

Neuron’s ‘talking’ e-scooter, launched in 2018, possesses built-in voice guidance to ‘educate, guide and warn riders’. This includes warning riders of low-speed zones, no riding zones and no services areas. It also raises an alarm if the e-scooter is moved while not on a trip.

The brand’s latest e-scooter, the Neuron N3, is designed for safety and sharing. It features a wide footplate, designed for enhanced stability and comfort. It also possesses large 12in wheels with solid silicone tyres to handle uneven ground. An emergency button feature sends a notification to the rider’s phone asking ‘Are you alright?’ if the e-scooter detects a fall during a trip. Riders can respond by selecting ‘I’m alright’ or ‘I need emergency assistance’ at the touch of a button. If the latter is selected, a call is placed directly to the local emergency services.

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