Swytch “inundated” with order requests for e-bike kit

Swytch Technology has said it has been “inundated” with order requests for its e-bike conversion kit, following the UK Government urging people to cycle.

The waiting list to order a Swytch kit now exceeds 100,000 people and production has had to be increased to meet the growing demand, the company added.

CTO at Swytch Technology Dmitro Khroma said: “The electric vehicle industry is expanding and evolving at an incredible pace. Before the pandemic, people were gradually seeing the health and lifestyle benefits of having their bike electric – but there has been a huge demand in the past few weeks as people are seriously turning to cycling as their only way to commute.”

Following the launch of the “world’s smallest and lightest” e-bike kit in October 2019, Swytch Technology is currently working on developing the “world’s first” hybrid e-bike sharing scheme based around a removable pocket-sized battery, which is due to be released for commercial trials in 2021.

“From the very start of launching Swytch Technology, we have always put innovation at the heart of everything we do,” said Oliver Montague, CEO at Swytch Technology. “It’s a very exciting time for the e-bike industry as consumers are now seeking out sustainable transport solutions to be integral with their lives.

“With cities being re-designed to make cycling safer and more accessible, it’s a very exciting time for sustainable transport. Looking at the increase of people who are now on our waiting list to purchase a Swytch Kit, the era of sustainable transport for the masses has arrived.”


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