Surplus FoodTech firm Earth & Wheat partners with HumanForest

Surplus FoodTech company Earth & Wheat has partnered with micromobility platform HumanForest, welcoming the app’s cyclists to join its ‘mission’ of reducing food waste in London.

HumanForest launched its fleet of 800 zero-emission, fully electric bikes in London last September.

Earth & Wheat launched in March 2021 and is on a quest to end food waste at the ‘point of production’. The start-up does this by ‘rescuing’ ultra-fresh baked goods from bakeries, such as crumpets, tortillas, pancakes, flatbreads – even naan breads – which would have otherwise been binned due to their odd size or unattractive appearance.

Founder James Eid said there is a great brand alignment between Earth & Wheat and HumanForest, which shares a similar sense of mission and purpose. “Food waste plays a significant role to the detriment of our environment,” said Eid. “Today, around one-third of all food produced goes to waste.

“Now is the time to fight food waste at the point of production, and Earth & Wheat is pleased to partner with HumanForest to get our mission across London. The more food we rescue from going to waste, the more sustainable our planet becomes. We welcome all HumanForest riders to join our fight.”

Earth & Wheat has so far redistributed 300 tonnes of bread months and donated 100,000 meals to London charities and schools. It also recently launched a new vegan, sweet and savoury ‘wonky’ broken biscuit box.

The firm will be using in-app impressions within the HumanForest platform to connect with the app’s users to let them know more about how they can reduce food waste.

Laura Elms, head of partnerships and sustainability at HumanForest, said: “HumanForest are delighted to be working with Earth & Wheat. Like HumanForest, Earth & Wheat have sustainability at their core.

“The company is doing amazing work to reduce food waste and we strongly believe that the HumanForest community of riders will be a great audience for their wonderful bread boxes. This is another awesome brand to have on board as we continue to grow our digital marketing offering across such a great range of partners.”

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To celebrate the partnership, HumanForest users will receive an exclusive discount on their first box of wonky bread. Using the code FOREST15, all users will be entitled to 15% off their first order.

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