Scotsman debuts custom 3D-printed carbon fibre e-scooter

Silicon Valley-based electric scooter brand Scotsman has unveiled its flagship product, the ‘world’s first’ electric scooter that is custom 3D-printed entirely in carbon fibre composite.

The Scotsman touts a unibody construction, 3D-printed in a single pass of continuous carbon fibre thermoplastic composite. It is constructed without joints or glue for ‘seamless’ strength, and is produced using the latest thermoplastic materials, making it impact-resistant yet lightweight.

Scotsman uses an advanced 3D printing process which allows for customisation. Each frame is tailor-made for the owner’s height, weight, arm and leg lengths, and riding position.

“In designing the Scotsman, we wanted to elevate the scooter experience to a sophisticated alternative means of transportation that appeals to the urban professional commuting to work as much as the performance geek who wants the latest in electric mobility,” said Josh Morenstein, founder of Branch Creative, the studio behind the design of Scotsman.

“Being able to 3D print in continuous carbon fibre composite enabled us to pursue designs not otherwise possible in other materials and fabrication techniques.”

In addition to the advanced materials and manufacturing techniques used, the Scotsman features:
– High power motors (up to 2000 watt output)
– Dual motor system for added stability
– Dual regenerative brake system
– Proprietary composite suspension system
– Dual battery bay architecture for extended riding
– Quick-release battery system that doubles as a USB-C powerbank to charge all your devices
– Fully connected (always on GPS + cellular) riding experience, including Find My Scooter and Unlock features, and a built-in dashcam that has a Record My Ride feature

“The Scotsman is an incredible vehicle and is a triumph not just in engineering but in demonstrating an entirely new way of bringing products to market,” said Kota Nezu, a designer who was the chief concept car designer for Toyota. “The team has reduced the long (years) and expensive process of traditional manufacturing line set up to a much faster (weeks) and more agile approach while simultaneously enabling mass customisation.

“This is fulfilling the dream of additive manufacturing at scale, not just in physical build volume with printing an entire scooter at each print, but in the quantity and speed of units being made.”

The Scotsman electric scooter will retail for $2,999 and is available for preorder here with special pricing now. Shipping begins in December 2021.

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