Ribble Cycles launches new e-bike step-through models

Ribble has added to its e-bike range with the new Hybrid AL e step-through and the CGR AL e step-through models.

“Cycling’s popularity has increased over the past decade with more and more people discovering the benefits and joy of cycling,” said Ribble’s CEO, Andy Smallwood. “We’ve added the new e-bike step-through models to our existing world-class range to provide even more choice for everyone, whether thinking of getting into cycling or life-long cyclists like myself.

“Whether you’re ditching the car, riding for leisure, or just looking to get fit, the new step-throughs are designed to make your everyday life easier. Their versatility, practicality and design are a great way to get around and to experience the benefits of riding an e-bike.”

The integrated design of the electric motor system on both bikes offers three levels of power assistance with up to 60 miles of range from a single charge. The conveniently positioned i-Woc Trio handlebar control button on the Hybrid AL e step-through allows riders to keep both hands on the bars and their eyes ahead, whilst having the option to choose between three assistance levels.

The bikes are available as two suggested builds with the CGR AL e step-through sport starting at £2,399 and the enthusiast build from £2,799, both weighing under 14kg, and the Hybrid AL e step-through as standard at £2,299 and fully loaded starting from £2,399. Both can be fine-tuned using Ribble’s BikeBuilder and further personalised using the CustomColour option.

Ribble Hybrid step-through: https://www.ribblecycles.co.uk/ribble-hybrid-al-e-step-through/
Ribble CGR AL e step-through: https://www.ribblecycles.co.uk/ribble-cgr-al-e-step-through/

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