Revolutionworks launches new Whippet e-bike

Bristol-based company Revolutionworks has launched its new e-bike, the Whippet.

Revolutionworks’ mission is to build the ‘lightest e-bike possible at a price that won’t break the bank’. Weighing 13.9 kgs, the Whippet can ‘fly up hills, is easy to lift onto a bike rack or upstairs, and is a joy to ride even with the power off’.

Designed in Britain with a specification to withstand ‘serious’ commuter use, the Whippet comes with Shimano gears and hydraulic disc brakes, Schwalbe Marathon tyres and a Brooks saddle – all as standard. Revolutionworks has included a 200 Wh battery which strikes the ‘perfect’ balance between range and weight for use around town and trips to the countryside.

The Bristol-based company has used its in-house engineering expertise and experience (developed producing its e-bike conversion kit, the Revos) to produce the Whippet’s 250W powertrain, the RW250.

The brainchild of British engineer Hugo Palmer, managing director of Revolutionworks, the Whippet is a culmination of Revolutionworks’ cycling and engineering experience. Palmer said: “We have developed our hub motor drive system using innovative electronic design to maximise power whilst minimising weight.

“This helps keep the Whippet as light and rideable as a normal bike but also, because we make it here ourselves, we’re able to keep the cost really low. People also really appreciate having the peace of mind that a locally-produced product gives.”

More information on the Whippet and Revolutionworks can be found at, where the Whippet and the Revos e-bike conversion kit can also be purchased. Every time a Revos is sold, the company said it plants 50 trees, and every time a Whippet is sold, it plants 100 trees.

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