Remote control e-scooters arrive in Georgia

Go X, Tortoise and Curiosity Labs have teamed up to roll out 100 remote control e-scooters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Unlike with traditional scooter sharing services, users won’t need to find a nearby pick-up point. Instead, they can request a scooter to be remotely driven to their home.

The outlandishness doesn’t stop there; the e-scooter will then take you to your destination, controlled by a team of remote employees using Xbox controllers. The rides, it would seem, are not designed for those with trust issues.

The extra technology needed to add a camera, monitor and some additional stabilisers make the fleet considerably less sleek and simplistic than its rivals, but its creators are convinced that the extra convenience will be enough to sway the public.

Instead of sending employees out to pick up the scooters at the end of the day, this experimental fleet can be returned remotely by its operators. While this could solve many headaches regarding vandalism, maintenance and convenience, it remains to be seen whether this innovation may be simply too progressive.

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