Rayvolt Torino e-bike launches in UK

The Rayvolt Torino e-bike has launched in the UK.

The Torino is the latest premium e-bike from the Barcelona based creative team behind the Rayvolt Cruzer.

Customers can choose from a choice of three colours on a hand-crafted curved steel frame with a low centre of gravity. An advanced, in-house designed, powerful brushless motor is offered in a choice of two power outputs, while the batteries are offered in a choice of two capacities.

The latest technology extends to an Intelligent Pedal Assist System (iPAS) with electronic Torque Sensor and thumb throttle, Rayvolt oil disc brakes with an Intelligent e-Regenerative Braking System (iRBS) to recharge the battery, 26in wheels and retro-style, ultra-bright LED lights (front and rear) and leather seat.

Smooth ride and top performance
“As with the original Rayvolt Cruzer, the Tornio is definitely no ordinary e-bike. Underneath its beautifully hand-crafted arched steel frame sits a bespoke, Rayvolt designed, rear-mounted brushless three-phase DC electric Smart Hub (200-400W) motor. Comprising of outer perimeter copper coils and magnets, the Torino’s Smart Hub motor has a built-in high-speed controller – receiving an unrivalled 1000 measurements per second – to allow the accurate application of load power for an incredibly smooth ride and rapid response of speeds of up to 15.5mph.

“Powering the Smart Hub motor is a very high-quality, 48V 504 Wh (Samsung or Panasonic) Lithium-Ion battery pack built into a weather-proof, faux leather-bound holder within the steel frame. The battery uses four cells in parallel (52 cells in total) to offer a high-output and long battery life with a more than respectable range of up to 25miles – depending on the terrain and the style of ride.

“Both the standard motor and battery pack can be upgraded to a more powerful 250-1000W Power Hub (27mph off-road) and an upgraded 48V 936Wh (Samsung or Panasonic) battery featuring 104 cells in total – with an increase in cells bringing double the range of up to 50 miles. However, by combining pedal power and the most technically advanced iRBS regenerative braking system riders could get even further!”

Pedal with smart assist
“The Rayvolt Pedal Assist System intelligently offers a continuously varying amount of self-adjusting power assistance. Dual load sensors on the electronic crankset measures both the rotating speed of the crank and the torque applied to the pedal while information on the road incline and decline is relayed from the gyroscope. Using this information translated through the Torino’s intelligent processor, allows the controller to calculate how much power assistance is required for a smoother ride.”

Pedal-power recharge
“The Intelligent e-Regenerative Braking System uses patented technology to extend the range of the battery. This bespoke Rayvolt system reverses the effect of the motor under braking to generate electricity which is redirected to help recharge the batteries whilst riding.”

EVIA – Intelligent software control
“Connecting via Bluetooth to the brushless motor, battery and crank, Rayvolt’s EVIA Intelligent software control monitors the bikes speed, battery condition and distance cycled. The EIVA system can also be adjusted to configure the bike and calculate and works with the intelligent controller to adjust level of pedal assistance. EVIA software is free to all Torino customers and can be download as an App (for Android or iPhone users) with phones securely mounted to the handlebars to enhance the riders experience and removing the need for any dedicated devices.”

Customise your Torino
“Riders have a choice of three custom colours: Pearl White, Graphene Grey or Electric Green to personalise their bike and can accessorise their Rayvolt lifestyle with a range of optional high-quality products ranging from retro-style leather front pouch, helmets, rear-view mirrors and a range of iconic clothing. Beautifully crafted and styled for a much more modern look, the Rayvolt Torino joins the iconic Cruzer as the most technologically advanced and stylish premium e-bikes currently available.”

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