Raleigh’s Stride e-cargo bike range launches

Raleigh has launched its new Stride e-cargo range.

The new range encompasses two different models: the two-wheeled Stride 2 bike and the larger three-wheeled Stride 3 trike.

Both Stride cycles come with a Bosch Performance CX Cargo Line motor. Equipped with a premium enviolo cargo hub and shifters, Raleigh’s use of componentry means you can enjoy a smooth ride, devoid of clunky gear changes and delayed power assistance. With a total range of between 30-40 miles, the battery can be removed from the frame and recharged indoors within 4.5 hours.

Built with a one-size-fits-all steel frame, the bikes also come with hydraulic disc brakes, built-in front and rear lights, an attached ring lock and a full metal mudguard set as standard.

The Stride 2 front carrier comprises strong aluminium and an EEP-foam box that can hold up to 80kg of cargo (rising to 100kg for the larger Stride 3 trike). A selection of accessories will also be available for riders, including a rain tent, box cover, bike cover, baby and toddler seats, bench cushions and Maxi cosi car seat brackets.

Managing director Lee Kidger said: “We are thrilled to unveil our new range of Stride E-Cargo bikes. Having worked closely with businesses in recent years to help them find greener, quicker and more enjoyable last mile solutions, we’re excited to create a bike that passes on all of these benefits to everybody.

“With 130 years of experience building bikes, we’re confident that e-cargo cycles will play a central role in our future and are proud to play a role in that.”

The new Stride 2 E-Cargo bike is available for £4,395, with the larger Stride 3 trike at £4,695.

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