Proviz launches ‘first ever’ e-bike dedicated jacket

Proviz has launched a new e-bike specific jacket, the Platinum E-Bike Jacket.

“The Platinum E-Bike Jacket has been meticulously tailored to be versatile yet technical,” said a statement. “The deliberately placed reflective panels across the jacket mean wearers are visible both day and night, whatever the weather. Featuring synthetic down insulation, and coupled with thermal stretch fabric with brushed waffle knit on the inner side of the arms and middle back, the jacket is made for the everyday electric bike user.

“Those who are commuting, doing the weekly shop, or just nipping to the park to meet a friend. Where warmth and comfort are considerations taken for every jacket, the Platinum E-Bike Jacket is a natural choice for both on and off the bike.”

Breathability is achieved through mesh inner pockets, said Proviz. The zip garages, hem binding and water resistance treated outer layer of the jacket mean riders will also stay dryer for longer.

The Platinum E-Bike Jacket is available in three colour schemes – reflective, classic (fluorescent yellow), and black. All jackets feature the REFLECT360 material for additional visibility.

“We are incredibly proud to be leading the market in offering apparel specifically designed for electric bike users,” said Anthony Langly-Smith, co-founder of Proviz. “We appreciate that the market is shifting to one where e-bikes are now a staple of the cycling community, and feel it’s necessary to provide a high quality, premium product to match the needs of that market.

“Our design teams have worked hard to ensure that the Platinum E-Bike Jacket is both stylish, versatile and functional to suit the day-to-day lives of e-bike users – both on and off the bike.”

Like all Proviz jackets, the Platinum E-Bike Jacket will feature an inner lining manufactured from REPREVE. The jacket is available for £179.99, for more information visit

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