Councillor Anna Richardson (GCC) and Lorna Finlayson

Poll shows support for shared transport schemes in Scotland

A new opinion poll by Survation for Collaborative Mobility UK (CoMoUK) has found that 50% of people in Scotland support measures to increase the use of shared transport models, with only 13% opposed.

The transport charity has called for more action to increase car clubs and bike-sharing to help tackle climate change.

Public support for shared transport schemes is highest in urban areas like the Lothians (60%) and Glasgow (58%). However, the poll of more than 1,000 adults also revealed a third of Scots do not have strong views on the matter, which has prompted CoMoUK to call on Governments and councils to promote the benefits of such schemes.

Lorna Finlayson, Scotland director for CoMoUK, said: “This research shows that Scots want to see more action when it comes to promoting shared transport. That’s particularly true in urban areas where schemes like car clubs and bike-sharing have real potential for expansion.
By enabling more Scots to access shared transport opportunities we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions substantially while improving public health too.

“The polling also reveals around a third of Scots have no firm views on shared transport at present. That’s an opportunity for the Government and councils to promote these initiatives more and show people the benefits of them. The coronavirus pandemic has shaken up the way people move around their communities. This time should be used as a moment to recalibrate the current system, get people out of private cars, and find greener and more efficient ways for people to travel.”

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