Pashley reveals new tilting e-cargo trike

Pashley has revealed advance details of a new tilting e-cargo trike.

The UK-designed e-trike is set to enter production in April 2021.

Currently under the project name ALECS, the articulating lightweight electrically-assisted cargo solution will “form the platform for a new generation” of configurable products to meet the growing market for zero-emission last-mile cargo vehicles.

It uses the latest in electrical assist drive and battery technology and has a number of features including a tilting mechanism, for which a patent has been applied for. “This vehicle brings the stability, load carrying and safety benefits of a tricycle whilst providing the agility and handling of a bicycle – due to its innovative tilting system – making it far more user friendly, safer and accessible for a wider variety of riders,” said a statement.

ALECS will be compliant with the German standard DIN79010. It will have a gross weight (including the rider and the e-trike itself) of up to 300kgs and a load capacity of up to 1.2 cubic metres. Its narrow wheelbase option means it can be used on cycle lanes and in areas with restricted access.

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