Neuron launches major global technology trial

Neuron is launching a global technology trial, set to take place over six months.

Starting today, 3rd November, the company will have the first of 1,500 e-scooters in cities across Australia, Canada and the UK. Neuron’s safety-first e-scooters will be fitted with a new ‘e-scooter brain’ which combines three new technologies:

– High Accuracy Location Technology (HALT) – this allows Neuron to detect an e-scooter’s location to within ten centimetres, making it at least 50 times more accurate than the average GPS-based location system which plots to around 5-10 metres

– Rapid Geofence Detection – this triggers an e-scooter’s response to a geofence in 0.3 seconds (as opposed to the usual 6-12 seconds)

– Dangerous Riding Detection – Neuron is introducing a range of smart sensors to counteract unsafe riding habits in real-time. It will also be able to profile riders, giving them an individual safety rating, so it can educate, correct and incentivise good riding behaviour

The trial’s findings from Ottawa in Canada, Brisbane and Darwin in Australia, and Slough in the UK will determine how selected features will be rolled out across Neuron’s fleet internationally over the next 12 months.


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