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More than half of would-be e-bike consumers would prefer bikes with anti-lock brakes, according to new research 

More than half of potential e-bike buyers would prefer bikes with anti-locking brakes (ABS), according to new research from e-bike publication Move Electric. 

In a survey of e-mobility consumers, Move Electric found that 55% would be more interested in buying an electrically assisted bike with ABS fitted. 

The same survey found that more than a quarter (27%) of the 878 consumers surveyed had fallen off a bicycle due to heavy breaking, while a third (33%) had struggled to brake in time to avoid a crash. 

James Attwood, Move Electric editor, said: “ABS is now a standard feature on all cars and something buyers take for granted. The technology is available on some e-bikes but our research suggests the majority of riders would feel safer with the technology and are keen to have it on their bike.

“Winter in the UK is wet and slippery and as the Government’s own safety statistics show, cyclists remain vulnerable road users – so any technology to help reduce accidents and improve safety is welcome.”

ABS allows cyclists to brake more safely and confidently using the front and rear brakes at the same time, without the fear of the front wheel locking up, by measuring wheel speed and regulating brake pressure for precise braking. 

More than three quarters of respondents in the survey (76%) were unaware that ABS technology existed in the e-bike market. 

When asked how much extra they would be prepared to pay to buy an e-bike with ABS fitted, more than half (56.6%) said up to £150, and 22.3% said between £151 – £250. Only 8.4% would be willing to pay more than £500 despite the majority preferring to buy an e-bike with ABS installed. 

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The research also found that 33% of potential e-bike consumers want to see ABS as standard across all e-bikes, while 50% would like to see ABS as an optional extra.  

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