The new Mate SUV

Mate.Bike launches ‘SUV’ e-cargo bike 

Danish e-bike brand has announced the launch of its new ‘SUV’ e-cargo bike.

The new model is designed to offer a ‘real alternative to a car,’ helping people make short journeys by bike. 

Made of 90% recycled materials, the Mate SUV features a mid-drive motor and torque sensor, along with an LED to allow for greater visibility. 

The main feature on the SUV, is the tricycle design with storage for up to 210 litres – the equivalent of two children, or four crates of drink – combined with a range of up to 100km. 

Thomas Vuillez, CEO of Mate, said: “We wanted to bring something exceptional to the market as it is in our DNA to make  e-biking cool and fun. The Mate SUV is something that was born out of our curiosity  about how we move and to challenge the known ways of running errands and making  short trips. The reliance on a car is considerable and reducing that is a growing need  of the day.” 

The Mate SUV was designed by the award-winning studio Zanzotti Design from Munich, Germany. Christian Zanzotti, founder and head designer of the Zanzotti Design Studio, said: “The design of the Mate SUV was an  exciting process, characterised by many challenges. In order to create broad  acceptance, the advantages of a bicycle were combined with those of an automobile  in the design. The focus is on the user.  

“We want to offer people a functional design that suits their use. The modular design  allows for a wide range of possible applications and adapts to individual user needs. In  terms of functionality but also in terms of lifestyle. 

Customers can reserve their purchase for Mate SUV for only €49 and get an exclusive 20% discount on the RRP, expected to be around DKK 48,000, €6,499, £5,587.32   

Based in Copenhagen, Mate was founded in 2016 to offer folding e-bikes to the market. Since then, the brand has expanded into more than 80 countries.

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Mate.Bike also has a selection of flagship stores, including in London and Manchester, along with third-party retail partners including Harrods and Selfridges. 

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