Lezyne expands range of e-bike lighting and visibility solutions

Lezyne has expanded its range of dedicated e-bike lighting and visibility solutions.

Headlined by new high-performance, StVZO-compliant and high-voltage-compatible models, the lineup is designed to pair with most major e-bike powertrains. The coming months will also see the addition of new visibility features throughout the lineup, ranging from Alert Technology-enabled, deceleration-sensing taillights to day/night-sensing headlights with StVZO compliant high and low beams as well as outputs up to 1,000 lumens.

“E-bikes will only continue to be a bigger and bigger part of cycling’s future and we’re committed to ensuring that the latest e-bike technology is met with industry-leading visibility solutions to match,” said Micki Kozuschek, Lezyne’s founder and CEO. “We’ve worked hard to position our lineup so that no matter the bike, no matter the application, whatever you do, we have a light for you.”

The growing product line now closely mirrors the ever-expanding range of e-bike applications, the brand said, with additional lighting systems geared for commute, recreational and performance-oriented pursuits.

For more information and to view Lezyne’s entire lineup of e-bike LED offerings, click here. Lezyne is distributed in the UK by Upgrade Bikes.

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