Lavoie launches Series 1 e-scooter with patent-pending FlowFold technology

Lavoie, McLaren Applied’s new premium micro mobility company, has launched the Series 1 folding electric scooter.

Series 1’s unique patent-pending FlowFold technology has a host of features, including safety with a longer, wider deck for better stability and smooth automotive-like handling.

The first 469 customers will have the opportunity to pre-order an exclusive Founders Edition of Lavoie’s e-scooter. The limited-run Founders Edition features a unique numbered plaque that has been created by the design and engineering house CALLUM.

This limited edition of 469 units pays tribute to the first electric two-wheel vehicle patented in April 1869. Founders Edition owners will also get exclusive access to early product releases, updates, and private events.

The Series 1 comes in two versions defined by their battery size. The standard Series 1 has a capacity of 468Wh and retails at £1,890, while the 702Wh Series 1 Max retails at £2,190.

This translates to a range of 40 km/25 miles for the Series 1 and 60 km or 38 miles for the Series 1 MAX per single charge, at an average speed of 20 kph/12 mph in urban environments. The unrestricted top speed of the Series 1 is over 40 kph/25mph, and will be shipped restricted to 25 kph/15mph in relevant regions.

All models of the Series 1 can be pre-ordered now with a fully-refundable deposit of £500 via the Lavoie website, with confirmed production slots being allocated to customers upon placing an order. The option to pre-order with a full payment deposit and a 5% discount is also available.

Lavoie has made safety one of its development priorities. The Series 1 battery is housed in a waterproof hard shell, and designed and certified to meet American and European safety standards.

The Lavoie 250W charger gives a full battery charge in less than three hours. Series 1 has three power modes, so the rider can choose how their journeys should feel, from powerful to relaxing.

Mode 1 is a slower eco option, Mode 2 is for cruising efficiently and comfortably, Mode 3 is for ultimate power and full throttle. Each mode’s power and top speed can be tuned via the Lavoie App.

Series 1’s most defining feature is its FlowfoldTM folding system. A single press of a button collapses the stem and moves the wheel above the deck.

FlowfoldTM enables a longer, wider deck while allowing the Series 1 to fold into one of the most compact e-scooters of its category. This translates to a much safer and more comfortable ride through a higher stem angle giving automotive-like steering, a freer foot position, and better shock and vibration absorption.

FlowfoldTM also makes the kickstand obsolete. An intermediate position, called Park Mode, sets the e-scooter into a stable resting position.

Rider and road safety are key to the Series 1’s design ethos and Lavoie’s approach to “redefining micromobility”.

Series 1’s refined lighting system has been engineered to significantly improve safety. A light halo, presence lights, rear brakes and rider illumination LEDs all highlight the user’s position on the road, while indicators make turning safer.

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Aligned with Lavoie’s commitment to improving e-mobility, and its performance automotive heritage, Ian Callum and his design and engineering house joined the journey to create the Founders Edition’s plaque and the exclusive colour scheme of the Series 1. Four colours are available: Silent White, Racing Green, Electric Blue and Sunset Orange.

Ian Callum, design director at CALLUM, said: “Inspired by Lavoie’s ambition to effect change in micro mobility through innovative design, our vibrant colours bring life and movement to the future of transportation. We are pleased to collaborate with a brand at the forefront of advancing personal mobility.”

Lavoie CEO, Eliott Wertheimer, added: “We are proud to launch the Series 1. After years of development and significant innovation, we are confident our e-scooter will lead towards improving micro mobility to automotive standards. The trust from our first customers, our Founders, is extremely important to us.

“The 469 units of the Founders Edition will be produced to thank them through a beautiful, uniquely numbered, vehicle. They will also benefit from early access to our upcoming launches, news and events.”


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