Ison has taken delivery of Benno bikes

Ison Distribution receives delivery of 2022 Benno e-cargo bikes following delays 

Ison Distribution has received a delivery of 2022-range Benno e-cargo bikes following delays. 

The UK-based distributor said it has received the Benno Boost, eJoy and RemiDemi models in its latest delivery, with limited stock available for immediate delivery to dealers. 

Ison said that a significant number of the models are pre-sold, but urged any retailers wishing to become approved Benno ‘etility’ bike dealers to get in contact. 

Benno Boost E

The distributor also set out the key difference between a traditional e-bike and an etility, or e-cargo, machine: “A typical e-bike offers a nice ride, but not much utility. A cargo e-bike carries heavy loads, but can be difficult to manoeuvre. We believe what people really need is an everyday e-bike engineered with the perfect blend of ride dynamics, cargo capacity and good looks. Awesome agility with the ability to carry exactly what you need. We call it Etility Design and it’s at the heart of every Benno e-bike.” 

Benno, founded in 2015, was set up by Benno Baenziger, the German-born founder of the Electra Bicycle company.

Benno eJoy

Following his departure from Electra in 2010, Baenzier wanted to continue to inspire people to ride, while also hoping to reinvent bike design. 

The three models available in the UK through Ison following the latest delivery are are the Benno Boost which lets riders carry up to 3x the load of a typical bike, the eJoy which lets riders carry 2x more, and the RemiDemi, which is a step-through model with an upright seating position. 

The Benno RemiDemi

All three bikes are powered by Bosch motor technology, and retail from £3399.99 for the RemiDemi up to £4799.99 for the Boost. 

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Ison Distribution, based in Cambridgeshire, currently stock a range of brands from across the cycling market, from Benno bikes to Halo components and Park Tool accessories. 

Dealers wishing to become approved dealers of Benno Etility bikes should contact Ison Distribution on 01353 662 662.

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