Intra Drive launches crowdfunding campaign to start production of gearbox e-bike drive

Intra Drive Ltd has announced an equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube to start production of its of gearbox e-bike drive.

The company is a sustainability-led manufacturer of performance e-mobility powertrain technology for the global B2B market.

GD8 is its next generation e-bike powertrain solution.

It is a combined motor and gearbox in a compact unit, with eight speeds, 470% range and electronic shifting.

The powertrain eliminates gearing at the rear wheel and is designed to fit into Shimano EP8 frame mounts.

Intra Drive Ltd is working towards a circular economy model; the combination of longevity, low maintenance and availability of spare parts will enable its powertrains to stay in service longer than existing systems on the market, even in demanding heavy-duty applications.

The Edinburgh based start-up is moving to the next phase of bringing its innovative e-bike motor/gearbox to market.

Mark Ravilious, Intra Drive Ltd founder, said: ”It’s been a long road to get to this point – it turns out gearboxes are quite complex. Our team of four engineers has developed an amazing product, and with Pinion and Valeo the only competition with gearbox drive units on the market, we’re in a great position to become market leaders.”

The company is seeking backers who see gearbox technology as the future for e-bikes and who want to support a company committed to generating positive and measurable environmental impact alongside a financial return.

Peter Slotwinski, Intra Drive Ltd co-founder, added: “Humanity can no longer afford to make things that are not repairable, that are not durable. When we set out to design the most durable e-bike drive unit, a gearbox was an obvious choice.

“It is inherently circular, as gearboxes can be reconditioned to extend service life, and thanks to an all-metal construction, they can be recycled at end of life. With the buzz around gearboxes at Eurobike this year, it is clear that cycling enthusiasts are ready to get behind a new entrant into this exciting new category of e-bike drive units.”

The Crowdcube campaign is open to everyone, with a minimum pledge of £10.

For further information go to or the Intra Drive website

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