HumanForest extends partnership with food market Earth and Wheat 

Shared e-bike operator HumanForest has renewed its partnership food market Earth and Wheat, offering incentives to its riders. 

Following the success of the initial three-month partnership earlier this year, London-based mobility start-up HumanForest will continue working with Earth and Wheat as one of its in-app marketing partners. 

HumanForest utilises a unique business model for a shared transport operator, using in-app ads to subsidise the cost of travel for its riders, while also offering its own reward currency that can be used to make real-world purchases. 

Charlotte Pepperell, interim head of partnerships, HumanForest said: “We’re so pleased to welcome Earth and Wheat back to the HumanForest partnership community. It’s fantastic to work with companies who are working to tackle climate change and its multifaceted challenges. Reducing carbon emissions and food waste goes hand-in-hand, and it’s great to highlight another sustainable swap our riders can make so that our vision of a cleaner, greener planet can become a reality. The latest dimension of the partnership, whereby riders can use their TreeCoins to try their first Earth & Wheat box, combines the power of pedalling with the reduction of food waste in a completely unique way.” 

Earth and Wheat, based in Dunstable, is a sustainable wonky food brand, which connects UK bakeries and farmers with local customers with the aim of reducing food waste, via flexible subscriptions. 

As part of the partnership, HumanForest invited Earth & Wheat to feature on its TreeCoins Market. Since the start of October, HumanForest has introduced a range of sustainable partner products to its TreeCoins Market. Using HumanForest’s loyalty scheme, known as TreeCoins, users are rewarded for moving sustainably around London, for example, redeeming 20 TreeCoins entitles them to a free Wonky Bread Box from Earth & Wheat.

To celebrate the fleet sponsorship partnership, HumanForest users will receive an exclusive discount on their first box of wonky food. Using the code BIKE50, all users will be entitled to 50% off their first order.

James Eid, founder of Earth and Wheat said: “Earth and Wheat is delighted to continue its partnership with HumanForest, and we look forward to being involved in more sponsored rides. HumanForest is aligned with our values, which is to do all we can together to help save the planet.

“Food waste at the point of production continues to play a significant role to the detriment of our environment. Earth and Wheat’s mission is to reduce this by raising awareness that just because food is wonky it should not be thrown in the bin, it still tastes exactly the same, perfect and fresh. The more food we rescue from going to waste, the more sustainable our planet becomes. We welcome all HumanForest riders to join our fight.”

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HumanForest, which operates shared e-bike schemes in a number of London boroughs, including Islington and Hammersmith and Fulham, has reached a number of significant milestones this year, including 250,000 users and 1 million individual rides.

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