German mobility tech company Wunder Mobility launches podcast

German mobility tech company Wunder Mobility is launching its own podcast.

The Wunder Mobility Podcast is aimed at founders and decision-makers in established companies and start-ups, venture capitalists, city representatives and policy-makers, thought leaders and people interested in mobility.

Each episode will feature a new guest, with Nico Polleti, co-founder and CEO of Cluno, up first on 7th September 2020. Upcoming episodes will include Ole Harms, VP, product strategy of by Volkswagen, Sebastian Hofelich, ex-CFO of FreeNow and ex-CEO of DriveNow, and Laurin Hahn, CEO of Sono Motors.

The podcast will be hosted in German, with a planned expansion to English in the future. Each episode will air every other Monday at 10 am (CET) and last between 30 to 45 minutes.

Gunnar Froh, CEO and co-founder of Wunder Mobility, will host the podcast, as will the company’s co-founder and president Samuel Baker.

“I am pleased to be the first of many exciting discussion partners in the new Wunder Mobility Podcast and wish Gunnar and his team interesting guests and enthusiastic listeners,” said Polleti. “The best ideas are born where expert knowledge, vision and creativity come together.”

Hofelich added: “I am delighted with the start of the Wunder Mobility Podcast. Listening to it every second Monday to get new perspectives on the topic will be really exciting. The open discussion between experts gives room for ideas to emerge. At the same time, it’s fun to discuss all the big and small topics related to New Mobility at leisure.”

Alongside the Wunder Mobility Summit, the Wunder Mobility Blog, the Wunder Bar Newsletter and social media, the podcast is opening a fifth channel in the company’s content portfolio. The Wunder Mobility Podcast has been produced and published in partnership with Podstars by OMR.

The podcast will be available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Deezer, Amazon Music/Audible and Podigee.

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