Fuell launches new Flluid models – ‘the longest range e-bikes in the world’

Fuell has unveiled the Flluid 2 and 3 e-bikes with the brand saying they are “a true car replacement” thanks to a 225 mile range and automatic gearbox.

The e-bikes have been designed by the Fuell team under the leadership of CTO Erik Buell, of Buell Motorcycles, and assembled in the US.

Buell said: “We used the knowledge gained from our initial foray into the electric bike market with Flluid-1 to develop a superior urban transportation solution, making sure that Flluid-2 & 3 are true and viable alternatives to cars.”

The Flluid 2

“The longest range e-bikes in the world”

Flluid-2 is the long-range model with two removable battery packs for a total of 2kWh of power, doubling down on the first-generation Flluid, and enables a range of up to 225mi on a single charge. 

Flluid-3 is the step-through option with a single 1kWh battery and a 110 mile range.

Both models offer seamless gear shifts, thanks to an integrated automatic gearbox with 450% ratio and powered by Valeo’s 750W / 130 Nm mid-drive motor.

The algorithms adjust assistance, cranking frequency and pace, so that shifting is optimised for the type of riding. If riders prefer a more traditional riding style, both models can be ridden with manual gears.

The Flluid 3

The aluminium frames have been geometrically optimised to provide stable and confident steering and handling and will fit riders from 5’1” to 6’5”.

Both models come equipped with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and a Gates Carbon drive belt that won’t need maintenance or lubrication.

The Flluid 2 and 3 benefit from throttle assist so riders don’t have to peddle to achieve speeds of up to 20 mph. For EU versions, throttle assist will be limited to 6 km/h, due to legal limitations.

The Fuell Rider smartphone app can locate and remotely lock/unlock the e-bike, warn the rider about unusual movements, access data and statistics about usage, and more.

Buell said: “The creation of the Fuell Flluid 2 and 3 e-bikes was a complex and demanding journey that took many years of research and development. We faced a lot of challenges on our way such as creating e-bikes that comfortably fit customers from 5’ tall all the way to 6’4” tall, packing 2,000 W of battery into the frame without getting it too massive, providing a “just right” balance of agility and confident handling to the riding experience, etc.

“I am proud to announce that we have successfully overcome all these challenges, developing e-bikes that meet the needs of today’s urban commuters.

“Many e-bike customers are coming from driving a car or motorcycle and are not current bicyclists.  This customer is looking for an e-bike that is simple and easy to use as their motor vehicle with a similar range.

The first 50 units of Flluid-2 and Flluid-3 will be sold at a price of $3999 and $3699 respectively. 

As the brand exceeds its targets, prices will be subject to change.

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