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E-scooter legislation won’t apply to Northern Ireland, according to report

The UK Government’s plans for update e-scooter legislation won’t automatically apply in Northern Ireland, according to a report.

Earlier this month, the Government announced plans for a new low-speed, low-emission vehicle category, which would pave the way for private-use e-scooters on public roads. 

The update would form part of the upcoming Transport Bill, slated for the upcoming Parliamentary session, the Government said. 

But a report from news outlet Belfast Live suggests that the update to the law in Great Britain would not automatically be adopted in Northern Ireland. 

A spokesperson for the Department for Infrastructure told the news site that the NI Minister for Infrastructure would be responsible for any decision on the use of e-scooters.

The spokesperson said: “It is currently illegal to use electric scooters on public roads and public spaces in the North.

“Any decision on the potential use of e-scooters here is a matter for the Minister for Infrastructure.

“The proposed change in regulations in England does not apply to Northern Ireland, however, DfI officials are currently monitoring developments there and following review will provide advice to the Minister on the way forward.” 

Following the Government announcement on e-scooter legislation, Belfast Live also reported that police in Northern Ireland planned to step up their response to the illegal use of e-scooters on the roads. 

Currently e-scooters are banned from the roads unless the rider has a licence, tax and insurance. 

But their popularity continues to grow, with shared e-scooter schemes being hailed a success across the country.

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The Government plans to use safety data collected from the shared transport schemes to inform its legislation update, including details like maximum speed, battery power, and regulations on lights.   

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