Ducato Pro III e-scooter

Ducati launches e-bike and e-scooter range in the UK

Ducati has announced it will jump into the micromobility market in the UK, with its range of e-scooters and e-bikes. 

Following the Government announcement that e-scooters will be given their own vehicle category, a step towards the legalisation of private e-scooters, Ducati has announced it will move into the UK light electric vehicle business.

The iconic Italian motorbike brand has launched six new products, including a folding e-bike, four electric scooters, and a specialist off-road electric scooter.  

Prices for e-scooters will range from £299 up to £899, and e-bikes will start from £1,699.

All these products are now available from UK luxury e-mobility retailer Moov Electric and other Ducati partner retailers. 

Rebecca Tyson, country general manager for Moov, said: “It’s hugely exciting to see power brands like Ducati respond to the demand for sustainable transport by moving into the urban mobility sector. The investment in this type of innovation says a lot about the future of personal electric vehicles.

“Ducati have partnered with industry innovator Platum, who are working with Lamborghini and Aprilia on their e-mobility launches, so this range combines the very latest innovation with Ducati’s signature style.

“With prices starting from £299 these brands are a true competitor to existing models and will provide competition to micromobility brands already existing in the UK personal electric transport market.”

New products include the Ducati Pro III e-scooter, which retails for £799 and includes a 350w brushless motor, capable of 515w peak power, and with a 468Wh battery for more than 30 miles of range. 

Other options include the Scrambler scooter range, designed for rural terrain with thicker, tubeless tyres. 

The Scrambler Cross E has a 500W motor, 375Wh battery for 24 miles of range from a five-hour charge, and retails for £899.  

Ducati has also branched into the folding e-bike market with the MG20, which launched in February, and retails at £1,699.

Ducati’s new folding e-bike

The 20kg bike has a magnesium frame, 250W motor, and gives 30 miles of charge, with a 15mph top speed. 

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Moov Electric added that e-scooters, for now, are only allowed to be used on private land and should not be used on public roads without a licence or insurance.  

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