Bosch eBike Systems’ 12th international dealer training series to start next month

Bosch eBike Systems’ 12th international dealer training series will start on 18th October, with the first UK training session taking place on 2nd November.

E-bike dealers from 16 countries, including Slovakia and Portugal for the first time, are invited to broaden their knowledge of the brand’s products at one of almost 400 training sessions.

This year’s training tour will focus on the recently introduced smart system and the handling of the new DiagnosticTool 3.

A full list of training sessions taking place in the UK can be found below:

Denham – 02.11.2021
Plymouth – 03.11.2021
Bristol – 04.11.2021
Durham – 09.11.2021
Lancaster – 11.11.2021
Denham – 16.11.2021
Ipswich – 17.11.2021
Birmingham – 18.11.2021
Aviemore – 23.11.2021
Motherwell – 25.11.2021
Denham – 01.02.2022
Plymouth – 02.02.2022
Bristol – 03.02.2022
Durham – 08.02.2022
Lancaster – 10.02.2022
Denham – 15.02.2022
Ipswich – 16.02.2022
Birmingham – 17.02.2022
Aviemore – 22.02.2022
Motherwell – 24.02.2022

Visit for exclusive registration via Magura Bosch Parts and Services.

For more information about the training content and an overview of all English language training dates in 2021/2022, download the full brochure here.

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