Blubrake presents ‘first and only’ ABS for e-cargo bikes

Blubrake has developed the ‘first and only’ anti-lock braking system (ABS) specifically designed for e-cargo bikes, set to reach the market in the coming months.

“The braking stage is of particular importance for these vehicles,” said Fabio Todeschini, founder and general manager of Blubrake. “E-cargo bikes are heavier and faster than regular e-bikes and tend to be unstable especially when the cargo box is empty.

“The ABS prevents the front wheel from locking up and avoids skidding, providing greater stability to the vehicle. Our working group has succeeded in developing a solution, unique on the market, able to meet the needs for safety and reliability.”

The Blubrake ABS system, which aims to become the safety standard for every e-cargo bike on the market, consists of three key elements. A sensor measures the front wheel (or wheels, depending on the e-cargo model) speed and transmits all information to an electronic unit, which estimates the vehicle dynamics from the measurements collected by the speed sensor and by the accelerometers within the frame, detecting potentially dangerous situations that can occur while braking.

Under these conditions, the actuator intervenes and controls the hydraulic pressure of the front brake to ensure smooth braking and increase the stability and manoeuvrability of the e-cargo bike.

Blubrake ABS is suitable for any type of e-cargo bike, and, since the system is open, it can be integrated with all third-party hydraulic brakes and power systems on the market, the company said.  Thanks to the patented artificial intelligence system, Blubrake ABS is also able to function properly on different surfaces.

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