Blubrake and Stromer develop ‘first’ S-Pedelec with integrated ABS

Blubrake has partnered with Stromer to develop the ‘first’ S-Pedelec with a frame integrated ABS.

The Stromer ST5 ABS is set to launch in June 2021.

“We’re especially pleased with this partnership,” said Fabio Todeschini, Blubrake’s general manager, “because we believe there are huge strides to be made in terms of improving e-bike safety. Through this partnership, we are keen to show that very high standards of safety are achievable, which will in turn enable the benefits offered by the S-Pedelec to be fully harnessed.

“We are delighted to collaborate with a sector leader such as Stromer. Together we’ve set highly ambitious targets in terms of safety and riding fluidity, the achievement of which has already been demonstrated by the fact that Stromer’s S-Pedelecs equipped with our integrated ABS have met the requirements of several tests, some very stringent, as a result of which we’ve obtained product certifications for the category standards, both in Europe and the US.”

Compared to e-bikes, S-Pedelecs can reach higher speeds and therefore generate greater braking forces, said Blubrake, hence why its research team developed specific software that was purpose-designed for this type of bike. This allows smarter and more sporty cyclists to override the anti-lift off function by using the HMI interface fitted on the bike. Stromer ST5 ABS will be the first S-Pedelec with Blubrake ABS.

“Blubrake’s integrated ABS designed for our S-Pedelecs is unique since it’s entirely hidden within the bike’s frame, and this is a crucial factor for us,” added product manager Florian Marti from Stromer, “because the design and linearity are, next to safety, efficiency and riding pleasure, unique trademarks of our models.”

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