Blubrake ABS added to Bianchi’s new e-Omnia range

Bianchi has chosen the anti-lock braking system by Blubrake for its new e-Omnia range.

Blubrake’s main aim is to encourage people to use light electric vehicles (LEVs), by guaranteeing the safety standards comparable to other motor-powered vehicles. To drive this forward, Blubrake developed an ABS system that prevents e-bikers from losing control if they are forced to brake sharply. The system is fully integrated into the frame.

The Blubrake ABS has been equipped as a safety feature on all e-Omnia X and FX Type and T and FT Type models – all the e-tourer and e-MTB models – and can be ordered directly from

Fabio Todeschini, founder and general manager of Blubrake, said: “The Blubrake ABS prevents the front wheel lock-up and rear wheel lift-off, reducing the risk of accidents linked to braking, but it is also also a technology that can ensure a safer and more pleasant rider experience to every type of rider on their e-bike, including the less skilled ones.”

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