The latest model of Bird e-scooters has been launched (Picture: Bird)

Bird releases ‘world’s most eco-friendly’ shared scooter 

Bird has released the latest version of its e-scooter, claiming it is the ‘world’s most eco-friendly’ machine.

The Bird Three has been designed after four-years of testing, via shared scooter schemes in cities around the world, and features a number of updates designed to reduce the environmental impact. 

In its latest iteration, the Bird Three now has added battery capacity, as Bird said smaller batteries require more frequent charging and therefore fewer trips per charge, increasing the greenhouse gas emissions.

The new Bird also comes with real-time diagnostic monitoring, which optimises battery use to prolong battery life. 

Bird has been used in 200 cities around the world, and the new Bird Three has been released in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the USA. 

New features on the scooter include a 1kWh battery, letting the machine travel further with fewer recharges, and increased battery protection against water and dust, letting the battery run for more than 14,000 miles.

Bird have upgraded the durability of the scooter itself, including an anti-tip kickstand and self-sealing pneumatic tyres. 

There are also plenty of safety features on the Three, like autonomous emergency braking, a beginner mode for new riders to get used to the devices.  

It also features strict speed limits along with no-ride and reduced speed zones in cities and improve sidewalk detection. 

Bird scooters and e-bikes are currently in use across the USA and the Europe, including Redditch and Canterbury in the UK.  

The California-based micromobility company also sells private-use scooters, ranging from £449 up to £899 RRP for the Bird Air and Bird One models. 

Earlier this week, major shared-scooter provider Tier took the step of acquiring bike-share company nextbike. 

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The expansion means Tier will move into the bike rental market, as nextbike currently runs the shared e-bike scheme in Cardiff and other locations. 

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