Bird going public on NYSE through Switchback II merger

Bird is to go public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) through a merger with Switchback II, a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC).

This is the ‘next significant step’ on its journey to provide the world with safe, eco-friendly transportation, said a statement. Since 2017, Bird’s shared micro-EV service has grown from ten vehicles into a global fleet providing tens of millions of trips to riders in over 200 cities annually.

“Our e-scooters introduced an environmentally friendly and accessible alternative to cars that nearly quadrupled the number of micromobility trips in the US from 35 million in 2017 to 136 million in 2019.

“Over this time, we’ve helped reduce carbon emissions in cities by decreasing reliance on gas-powered cars. Of the hundreds of billions of car trips under five miles made every year, tens of millions are now being replaced by electric alternatives. We’ve also served as an essential first- and last-mile solution giving people greater access to healthcare, education and better-paying jobs.

“While this is a notable start, there’s more work to be done. We must make climate-friendly transportation accessible to everyone if we’re to reverse the damage that the current transportation paradigm is doing to our planet. Our merger with Switchback II will enable us to remain steadfast in this mission.”

As Bird enters this new chapter, it will continue to put cities, riders and communities ‘front and centre’ in its mission for change. “We will offer more diverse vehicles that accommodate the needs of a broader population and the demands of different trip types. We will listen carefully to feedback, seek diverse perspectives and challenge ourselves to develop the next generation of accessible mobility solutions that leave no one behind.

“Our progress to date would not be possible without the passion of our team, the support of their families, the encouragement of our riders, the dedication of our Fleet Managers and the trust and collaboration of our city partners. Together, we will achieve our mission – to provide environmentally friendly transportation for everyone.”

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