Aventon Pace e-bikes launch into UK and Europe

Brick Lane Bikes has launched the Aventon Pace e-bikes into the UK and Europe.

Built around a Cruiser geometry, using an Alu frameset and 650B wheels, the Pace is “light, super comfortable with the smaller wheel/bigger tyre combination and perfect for potholed city roads and gravel paths alike”. The 250 Watt brushless motor has five levels of pedal assist – which when tied into the 7-speed Shimano gearing – means that riders can “fly up the steepest of hills”.

The 420Wh battery, which can be charged in three hours on or off the bike, allows for an estimated 35-40 mile range and a large data screen provides speed, battery level, pedal assist level and distance covered.

“Aventon has built a super-reliable, super-comfortable e-bike and made it affordable,” said a statement. “It’s picked parts from reputable manufacturers and designed the system to fit the bike rather than purchasing from one of the larger organisations. Using a rear hub-drive motor,
as an alternative to a mid-drive motor, and a super strong, Shimano drivetrain has kept the price competitive at £1,499.

“Aventon is the first to admit that the Pace 250 wasn’t designed to be at the top of the e-bike charts – it’s meant to be the first in a long line of e-bikes for everyday use in the modern world.”

The bike comes in a variety of sizes and colours, with step-through and sloped top-tubes. Full details can be found on the B2B and at www.bricklanebikes.co.uk/electric-bikes, or via the sales team on 0203 022 3002.

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