Ahooga launches Max e-bike that ‘folds in three seconds’

The Ahooga Max has been unveiled by Brussels secretary of state Barbara Trachte at a launch event in Belgium

Ahooga is a Brussels-based e-bike brand that specialises in folding bikes, with the Max its new flagship product.

The brand says it wanted to build a bike that offers “the ultimate ride in the city”, but at the same time create a means of transportation that could be combined with any other in the city

Max is a fully-equipped bike and features custom-made fully integrated lights, fully integrated battery in the top tube with a range of up to 80km, and hydraulic disc brakes

The Max is fitted with seven internal gears to ensure low maintenance, two inch tyres and vibration damping, and a fully adjustable seating and steering position

According to the brand, Max folds into a trolley-sized package in about three seconds.

Mrs Gokce Dogru, CEO of Ahooga, said: “We want right-size bikes for our cities. Compact bikes, compared to 28-inch vehicles, are easier to store safely in an apartment or office. As such they are more suitable in ever-growing, yet denser, cities. They are also more compatible with a car or public transportation.

“Most importantly, a more compact bike can simply be a better riding city bike. It offers more control and is more dynamic and safe”.

It took three years to create the Max, with Ahooga’s engineering effort resulting in more than 20 custom built components on the bike and a range of pending patents.

Ahooga has grown its product team, which now includes product designers, mechanical and electronic engineers.

Dogru added: “The opportunity to make a difference in the bike sector at a pioneering company is exciting for all of us and the team embraced the challenge of developing a new model in a great team spirit.”

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As the development of the bike has been so specific and custom-developed, Ahooga decided to do the assembly inhouse.

Although a lot of development has happened over the last three years, at the core is the triangle frame invented by one of the founders, Frederic Mertens

The frame is made possible by Ahooga’s twin tube technology, invented by Mertens, which is IP-protected. A triangle frame offers more than just a unique aesthetic, as it is also reported to improve ride comfort.
For the distribution of Max, Ahooga is extending its network of premium bike dealers across Europe. Dealers and distributors are able to place orders with the brand now, with delivery expected at the end of this year.

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